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50 + Ideas For Best Friends Matching Tattoos

You want to get unique and  memorable matching tattoos with your best friend?

Have you been thinking about get a matching tattoo with your BFF, spouse, parent or sibling? Lucky for you lots of our wonderful Tattoo Lovers community already have matching tattoos. Check them out below for inspiration. Matching tattoos are a versatile and artistic way to express ourselves. In most parts of our lives, we are obsessed with the idea of getting an original and striking tattoo that shares a bond with a special person in your life. People tend to get tattoos along with their friends, parents and even strangers that ended up being friends.

Tattoos and friendship

There is something that makes the experience of getting friends tattoo with your best friend unforgettable. From the first moment you step in into the tattoo shop, it will be special and the start of something you and your friend will share forever –besides your friendship-.

These friends’ tattoos are often similar to each other; some tattoos are similar, but with a personal trait that makes it unique for the person. It’s like a template that both friends share with their respective personality traits. Sometimes, tattoos are even located in the same part of the body. It all depends on what the best friends want, whether it’s something similar to unique traits or something completely different.

Express your feelings

Through a friends tattoo, any person can tell what they feel and how much that person loves a friend. It’s a personal story, something that will enhance and strengthen the relationship between two friends

You can easily tell anyone how much do you love him and deliver the message you have always wanted to deliver. If you have got an idea, don’t hesitate in asking your tattoo artists for a specific or a recommended design according to your ideas.

The work of the tattoo artist is to deliver an amazing piece with emotions according to your ideas and what you want on your body. You have to be sure with your custom design, as it will be forever on your body and your best friend’ body.

Believe it or not, but best Friends tattoos are usually amongst the reservation book of every professional tattoo artist. So, either you want to express your friendship with a tattoo or describe some memorable memory though a tattoo, these are one of the best tattoos we’ve done to our clients:


  1. Roses by Lisa Callow and her daughter.

mom daughter matching tattoo

2. André Bojahr

matching lion goat tattoo

3. Chantelle Swartz

matching birthday tattoo

4. Kelly Haher

matching name tattoos

5. Franziska Kohli

matching feet tattoos

6. Majka Markusova

matching sister tattoos

7. Kayla Bagnall

matching rose tattoos

8. Bruno Mazambane


9. Julie Karoleski

matching cat tattoos

10. Michele Gauthier

matching flower tattoos

11. Sara El Yakoubi

matching roses tattoos

12. Dale Holcomb

matching zipper tattoos

13. Mischka Hage

matching keep you tattoos

14. Lauren Cher Ashton

maching call you tattoos

15. Alexis Bernice

matching minnie mouse tattoos

16. Ben Fulkroad

matching not perfect tattoos

17. Tina Marie Loschiavo Cammack

matching owl tattoos

18. Lyndz Elizabeth

matching arrow tattoos

19. Brandon Peterson

matching elephant tattoos

20. Sally Hanscom

matching beach chair tattoos

21. PJ Robinson

matching moon tattoos

22. Chelsey Thompson

matching roses tattoo

23. Oscar De Leon Jr.

mathing titan tattoos

24. Yvonee Sipek

call me tattoo

25. Natalia Ramirez

matching palm treetattoos

26. Ahumada Victoria

matching purple tattoos

27. Nyssa Kaminsky

matching stay wild tattoos

28. Nikol Nikol

matching hole tattoo

29. Patricia Berkachi

friend flower tattoos

30. Kelli Larkey

matching dog paw tattoos

30. Mandy May

pbnj tattoos

31. Justyna Victoria

matching queen tattoos

32. Cindy Zak Morrison

matching night day tattoos

33. Cera Leader

together tattoos

34. Mary Cobain

never stop dreaming tattoos

34. Natasha Jordan

arrow tattoos

36. Ashley Lough

matching feather tattoos

37. Esen Demirkaya

matching space tattoo

38. Victoria Keheller

matching parrot tattoos

39. Kozo

matching dragon ball z tattoos

40. Johnny Tattz

matching butterfly tattoos

41. Ciara Miller

matching king queen tattoos

42. Natalie O’Rielly

matching symbol tattoos

43. Claire Norfolk

matching roses tattoos 1

44. Robin Fuchs Brumfield

mother daughter tattoos

45. Gregg Lomas

butterfly tattoos

46. Sabrina Lloyd

47. Brittany Tuzon

48. Kelly Huizinga

mother daughter matching tattoos

49. Maark Therrien

king queen tattoos

50. Stephanie Sutcliffe

matching shot glasstattoos

The names next to each tattoo are the person that posted them not necessarily the person in the picture. If you are the artist and want credit please just contact us and let us know. If you want to share your tattoos with the over 18 million followers in our community please like us on FaceBook at Tattoo Lovers  and follow us on Instagram @tattooloversshop



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