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50 + Best Animal Tattoo Design Ideas

Have you been thinking about getting an Animal Tattoo?

We are taught to love animals at a young age. Some of us have pets while others find their favorites at the zoo. Later in life some of us choose to immortalize our favorite animals with a tattoo. There is a story behind every tattoo in the world.

Every tattoo designed anywhere on a person’s body depicts that story and the feelings attached to an image of a person, place, thing or an animal. Animal tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo options to get done. They can show your love your pet, or express certain feelings of strength in an image of a Lion or even peace through an image of a Dove. You can even come up with an animal tattoo idea of your own. It can be an inspiration from an anime character as well. The bottom line is that the options available are countless.

Animal Tattoo Ideas

A lot of people choose to get tattoos that resemble their pets. Those people don’t need ideas. For those of you who have a favorite animal that unfortunately can’t be a pet here are some ideas for you. Here, we have compiled for you some of the best animal tattoo design ideas! These range from some great roaring lions, to cute puppies, butterflies, bats, wolves and many more!

You can get these made easily in an average of six to seven hours and on any part of your body.

To get some inspiration, scroll on!

1. Dean Rhodes

2. Anna Banach

3. Andy Taylor

4. Jessica Willamsburg

5. Tammy Dean

6. Angelique Becker

7. Tattoo by Isaiah Negrete

8. Sarah Elizabeth “My sweet Roxy who passed away almost two years ago.”

9. Chameleon Tattoo by Vinni Mattos

10. Tony Moffat

pet dog tattoo

11. Johnny Pretsi

12. Marine Norget

13. RAngelique Becker

14. Greg Paxton

15. Karren Elizabeth

16. Dri Rain

tiger tattoo

17. Debbie Howick

18. Laura Slatts

black cat tattoo

19. Stefano Valentina Martinez

parrots tattoo

20. Jenny Mealey

21. Arianna Scalabrino

22. ส’ไปร์ททท ทททท

owl tattoo

23. Darnesh Vincent Raj

24. Ahmed Vangarden

animal tattoo

25. Matt Cline

26. Tattoo by Ryan Smith

27. Annabel Kregting

28. Amber Simpson

cat tattoo

29. Samuel Hurtado

30. Tattoos by Jean Souza

31. Sara Lane Crawford

tiger tattoo

32. Aziza Kruspe

33. Martin Bailey

34. Ashley Brown

35. Luke Simpson

36. Peter Holden

gorilla tattoo

37. Molly Elizabeth Hodes – Her Great Dane, Indi.

38. Roxanna M Possin

bat tattoo

39. Cory MacKinnon

40. Mohammad Al Jamaal

skull lion tattoo

41. Arian Squier

deer tattoo

42. Tattoo by Egon Weissberger

43. Tattoo by Chenanx Art

44. Amanda Nusz

animal tattoo

45. Tattoo by Chehomova Dasha

46. Louida van der Schyff

swan tattooo

47. Tattoo by Lena Art

48. Gerhard Ludwig

49. Beth Dunlevy

crow tattoo

50. Greta Zeravla

bird tattoo

51. Crystal Nancy

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The names next to each tattoo are the person that posted them not necessarily the person in the picture. If you are the artist and want credit please just contact us and let us know. If you want to share your tattoos with the over 18 million followers in our community please like us on FaceBook at Tattoo Lovers  and follow us on Instagram @tattooloversshop



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