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50+ Best Skull Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Skull Tattoo Design Ideas

Are you looking for a tattoo idea that screams “badass” and “deep thinker” at the same time? How about a tattoo design which shows that you live by your own rules? If so, a skull tattoo is definitely the way to go!

Whether modern or traditional, skull designs are one of the most outstanding, versatile, and iconic themes for a tattoo. We have compiled this post as a guide to help you in finding the best skull tattoo designs.

But what is the meaning of a skull tattoo? Contrary to popular opinion, skull tattoo designs do not necessarily symbolize destruction and death. Sure, it might sound morbid to some people, but skull tattoos might also be cool or even funny to others. Skull tattoos can mean different things depending on the image portrayed, styling, and placement. For example, the iconic pirate skull symbolizes protection, strength, and power. On the other hand, sugar skull tattoos are often a reference to the afterlife and loss of a loved one – as per Día de Muertos (Mexican Day of the Dead). You can even blend a gnarly skull with crimson rose petals to showcase the balance of life through the contrasting images.

At Tattoo Lovers, we believe that tattoos bring out your personality, and the same goes for skull tattoo designs. Although skulls have been a popular tattoo design long before Bon Jovi or AC/DC hit the stage, they are still credible today – talk about withstanding the test of time. The best part about a skull tattoo is that you can tinker or experiment with the design to make it personal and distinctive. Feel free to splash some colors, incorporate other symbols, or use abstract designs – let it define you.

So, where do you want to place your tattoo? Or better yet, what do you wish to portray through your skull tattoo? Whatever tickles your fancy, below are some of the best skull tattoo designs for men and women to kickstart your creative engine.

1.Derrick Jewell

skull rose tattoo

2. Oka Muchen

lion skull tattoo

3. Nikki Barnes

4. Sami Minginarsa

skull pirate leg tattoo

5. Jim Pattinson

6. Nikolka Vanclová

7. Tattoo Artist Van Baird

8. Freyja Marie (Husband)

woman skull tattoo

9. Camilo El Mello Ocampo

indian skull tattoo

10. Lisa Wilson

11. Dorota Adamowicz

skull tose tattoo

12. Jamie Jamo Ryall

13. Shania-jaide Harvey

14. Victoria Gutierrez Figueroa

15. Kim Super

indian skull womans leg tattoo

16. Ledhead Ned

skull blood rose tattoo

17. Ledhead Ned 2

skulls tattoo

18. Jordan Carrahar

woman skull rose tattoo

19. Kac A Pollis

soman skull tattoo

20. Maria Chetan

21. Lenka Mikolaskova

skull crow tattoo

22. Luc Marinier

skull calf tattoo

23. Mark Sykes

skull calf tattoos

24. Megan Elizabeth Antonelli Zelano

skull candy tattoo

25. Nyoman Sarjana Putra

skull king tattoo

26. Brooke Helen Scadden

27. Nicole Black Phonix

skull tattoo

28. Missy Williams

skull hand tattoo

29. Mike Hadlock

skull leg tattoo

30. Michael S Wilhelm

skull calf tattoo

31. Lee Fish

skull chest tattoo

32. Lenka Mikolaskova

skulls tattoos

33. Jayden Ahearn

skull shoulder tattoo

34. Hayley Jordan

skull roasry tattoo

35. Grace Nunag Andanar

colorful skull tattoo

36. Goncalo Basilio Nunes

skull sleeve tattoo

37. Gilson G. Kugelgen

skull cross tattoo

38. Damon Daugherty

skull tattoo

39. Cristopher Gargano

skull kissing tattoo

40. Cristina Oliveira Aguiar

womans skull arm tattoo

41. Carlson-Rogers Tyler

skull side tattoo

42. Tia Ree Miller

back skull tattoo woman

43. Abby Nicole Lowe

skull thight tattoo

44. Maria Chetran

45. Blair Lethbridge

46. TattooQuy Quan

red skull tattoo

47. Stefanie Silcox

skull tattoo woman

48. Scarlet Smile

ram carcas tattoo

49. Randy Cortez

forearm skull tattoo

50. Kt Zarb

skull hand tattoo

51. Jennifer Kell

shoulder skull tattoo

52. RyssaMikeall Warner

skull arm tattoo


The names next to each tattoo are the person that posted them not necessarily the person in the picture. If you are the artist and want credit please just contact us and let us know. If you want to share your tattoos with the over 18 million followers in our community please like us on FaceBook at Tattoo Lovers and follow us on Instagram @tattooloversshop



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