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3D HYPER-Realistic Eyeball Tattoos!

Realistic Eyeball Tattoos went viral this year, and most of the time, they never say who the Tattoo Artist is, so we did the research, and most of the rad, realistic eye ball tattoos, were all done by the same Tattoo Artist, Andrzej Niuniek Misztal.

Tattoo Artist Andrzej Niuniek Misztal from Rock Ink, in Jaroslaw City, Poland, creates some of the most killer eyeball tattoos we have ever featured. Let us know what you think of these 5 eyeball tattoos, we picked for you!

eyeball tattoo
Realistic Eyeball Tattoos by Andrzej Niuniek Misztal went viral this year!

We just can’t get over the beautiful color in this Eye Tattoo, and especially the reflection in the Iris.

eyeball tattoo
This is one of the most amazing eye tattoos we have ever seen!

Look at the face on the iris, an incredible tattoo, one of the best eye tattoos.

eyeball tattoo
We’re just waiting for this Eye Tattoo to blink! The eye follows you too.

Would you like a Tattoo by Andrzej Niuniek Misztal? What would you get?  Leave a comment below!



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