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Black and Grey Tattoos by Oscar Morales

Oscar Morales is known for doing Black and Grey Tattoos and when your Tattoos look as good as these you deserve some recognition!

Tattoos are usually known for using color as a way of artistic expression, but there is beauty that lies within the lack of color. Here, we have a variety of Black and Grey Tattoos that do not need color to be able to make their lasting impressions. All of these elegant and bold tattoos were done Tattoo Artist Oscar Morales from Under The Gun Tattoo Studio in Los Angeles, California.

This first tattoo shows that love can never die with the image of a girl kissing a skull. This tattoo is based on “Love Lost” design created by OG Abel. This particular tattoo embodies the Chicano Style with the girl having the Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) face paint along with the long flowing ebony locks. Oscar Morales definitely paid his respects to this well credited artist , OG Abel, in the most stylish way possible. This tattoo doesn’t need any color to make it stand out, the black and grey create that grim yet beautiful ambiance.

black and grey tattoos
“First session on this OG Abel Classic! Need to add a lot more detail!” – Tattoo Artist Oscar Morales

This next tattoo has given me a new outlook on butterflies which are known for showing their beauty through multiple colors. This particular butterfly doesn’t want you to just admire its beauty it also wants you to fear it. Butterflies are usually known for being delicate and feeble but this one wants you to not underestimate it and know it has a few surprises hidden within.

With as much black and grey that went into this tattoo we commend Oscar Morales’s tattoo client for being able to keep this tattoo looking gorgeous even with the tattoo space being one of the most painful spots on the body!

black and grey tattoos
“Skull/Butterfly Throat Shot I did a couple days ago.” – Tattoo Artist Oscar Morales

The next tattoo is a bold take on the original Biblical Tale of David and Goliath. A moral from this story is that size isn’t always the winning factor and that brawn is not always stronger. David was small compared to Goliath but he was ambitious and he relied on his brain to win the battle. This story gives off so many different lessons revolving around not underestimating yourself and to believe in what you can are capable of. In this particular tattoo, Goliath is portrayed as much larger than David. This means that he is a metaphorical symbol of fear and David is a symbol of the client. This tattoo means more than just a story to the client and Oscar did his magic with making his inner battle come to life.

black and grey tattoos
Incredible David vs Goliath Black & Grey Tattoos by Tattoo Artist Oscar Morales.

Black Grey Tattooing is more than just using Black and Grey Ink. It’s about using these monochrome inks as wells as the skin to come up with a unique piece of art that holds as much emotion as a tattoo with color would have. In this tattoo, we have three doves all different in size and they are surrounded by a dark cloud. Usually doves are depicted as being all white and practically glowing however these doves are more shaded. Since there is no color being used Oscar is able to manipulate his space even more and because of that he creates these majestic doves coming out of a storm. Doves symbolize peace which gives this tattoo a meaning that there is peace after the storm. That after hardships and overcoming obstacles one can finally find peace.

black and grey tattoos
Solid Black & Grey Dove Tattoos by Tattoo Artist Oscar Morales from Under The Gun Tattoo in LA!

This next tattoo embraces natural beauty and relies more on detail and shading rather than bright colors. Here we have a simple rose that is shaded to show off its natural elegance. It is entangled with some black beads which means it has a spiritual meaning to it. It is then decorated with a paisley design along the outside of the rose. This sexy tattoo is simple yet it speaks volumes with its use of space.

black and grey tattoos
Tattoo Artist Oscar really knows how to make a woman feel beautiful without the unnecessary loud colors.

Next up, we have a Black and Grey take on a portrait of a Native American Woman. What really stood out to us about this portrait are her eyes. They are in black and grey yet they still manage to sparkle. Her eyes as well as her lips are enough to capture your attention, and then there is the face paint and the parts of the headdress that give hints of a tribal theme. It could symbolize the client wanting to keep in touch with their heritage. It also shows a tribal beauty that is enhanced by the lack of color.

black and grey tattoos
Tattoo Artist Oscar Morales has a special talent when it comes to the Black & Grey Portraits.

This next piece is has so much detail and is very well done considering it’s placement. This tattoo is of a tribal skull and it is placed on the client’s knee. This piece required a lot of black ink and with this area having little to no cushion between the needle and the bone it must have been painful especially since it went over the knee cap. The outcome though is a fierce and powerful representation of a warrior’s spirit. The detail is excellent and the skull looks just like the drawing. We think this is actually our favorite tattoo because it just screams at you and if it wasn’t in the description that it was on the knee I would’ve never guessed this tattoo was on someone’s knee.

black and grey tattoos
Skull done right on Brandon’s knee Mad Respect to him, he took it like a champ! – Tattooist Oscar Morales.

Now this next tattoo is the perfect example of black and grey tattoos because it gives off the negative effect. By negative effect we mean that it uses negative space to give the tattoo a different feel to it. The dove is so beautifully placed as if it is stopped mid motion from the rose. This combination gives off that feeling of peace again. The dove is the ultimate symbol of peace while the white rose symbolizes serenity and is often used at funerals. This could mean someone close to them has passed and this is the way they could be remembered. Peace and serenity go hand in hand like this dove and this rose go perfectly together.

black and grey tattoos
Filler work by Tattoo Artist Oscar Morales at Under The Gun Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA.

Our last tattoo is of a Payasa (female clown) which is often used in chicano art as a symbol for many reasons. Such as the trickster who does and says things to turn the tables or to manipulate the situation in their favor. It could also mean the importance of humor and of joy. This tattoo could mean the beauty of laughter or it could have more of a gangster meaning. Whichever the reason behind the tattoo, Tattoo Artist Oscar Morales does a heck of a job with showing off this woman’s sensual side as much as hinting that she is a trickster.

black and grey tattoos
Follow Tattoo Artist Oscar Morales on Instagram for more amazing tattoo work out of Los Angeles, CA!

Tattoo Artist Oscar Morales did such an amazing job with each of these tattoos and uses different techniques to get the most desirable outcome which is a gorgeous tattoo. If you want to get a tattoo done by this talented tattoo artist he has stated you can either text this number (323-681- 2839) to request a tattoo or just stop by the shop. Under The Gun Tattoo Studio always takes in walk-ins and they are located on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California. Remember black goes with everything.



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