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Hardcore Belly Button Tattoo by Joseph Haefs

Belly Button Tattoo of the Day! Tattoo Artist Joseph Haefs designed this killer, animalistic belly button tattoo you must see!

belly button tattoo
Up-Close Shot of Wolf Belly Button Tattoo by Tattoo Artist Joseph Haefs at Reverent Tattoo in Las Vegas!

This Belly Button Tattoo by Tattoo Artist Joseph Haefs stretches from the center of the client’s chest and ends just below his abdomen. The middle of the chest is a very painful spot because all that is there is bone. The more muscle or fat there is the less painful the tattooing process is but if there is nothing but bone you are in world a painful experience.

belly button tattoo
Second Tattoo Session on Kalebs Belly Button by Joseph Haefs at Reverent Tattoo in Las, Vegas, Nevada.
belly button tattoo
OUCH! The Belly Button is one of the Most Painful Spots on your Body to Get Tattooed!

The outcome though of Joseph’s patience and his client’s strong will is a well executed wolf tattoo. It’s of a wolf with a knife being driven from the top of the skull and appears out through its mouth.

belly button tattoo
Would you ever get your Belly Button Tattooed by Tattoo Artist Joseph Haefs? Could you handle the Pain?

The wolf tattoo is decorative with all of the details put into the fur, and the detail around the eyes, and then there are designs of Celtic origin on different sides of the wolf’s head. The nose is strategically placed on the belly button which makes it look almost non existent unless you look really closely, here.

belly button tattoo
“1 more session on this, we’re going to fill the open spots on his hips with a Gothic ornamental dotwork patterns, then finish all the shading in the wolf and dial it in with more details.” – Tattoo Artist Joseph Haefs, photo via Inked Magazine.

The abdomen is also considered a somewhat painful area to tattoo especially in this client’s case because he is slimmer and therefore has less “cushion” between him and the needle. Tattoo Artist Joseph Haefs is usually known for feminine decorative tattoos that give a sense of empowerment. This belly button tattoo enabled him to show off a different side of his artwork and proves that he is more than just a goddess maker. He can make men feel like gods too.

belly button tattoo
Check Out The Wolf Tattoo Video, featured on our Tattoo Lovers Facebook Fan Page, here.

If you feel like getting your god/goddess status then step up to the plate and visit his tattoo shop’s website, Reverent Tattoo Studio and fill out the form, to Book Your Tattoo Appointment.

Tattoo Artist Joseph Haefs, located at Reverent Tattoo 4310 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89121

Prove you have what it takes to get one of the priceless one of a kind belly button tattoos today!



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