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Savage Madzilla Tattoo by Alberto Lanzarote

Sexy & Classy Tattooed Model Madzilla is the centerpiece of this Stunning Tattoo by Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote!


Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote delivered with this killer back tattoo of Tattooed Model Mazdilla! Lately, we’ve seen more and more beautiful tattoo models as tattoo references, and it’s awesome!

madzilla tattoo
“Shout out to all my true supporters! This is amazing Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote!” – Tattoo Model Madzilla

Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote’s client, picked one of the sexiest & classiest tattoo models in the Tattoo Industry, Madzilla.

madzilla tattoo

It’s great when tattoo artists take document the whole tattoo process, like Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote did for us here. Visually seeing the whole tattoo process from design to finished product, gives us Tattoo Lovers, an amazing introspective of the entire tattoo process.

To start this Madzilla-inspired tattoo piece, Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote starts of with a sketch of the tattoo design.

madzilla tattoo
Tattoo Design/Sketch of Model Madzilla, the reference for this tattoo by Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote.

A Big Tattoo Piece like this, takes time, which means, more than one tattoo session.  Tattoo Sessions can be anywhere from under an hour to 5 hours or more! To put incredible details like Tattoo Artist Aberto Lanzarote did with this Madzilla Tattoo, take time…..and it’s not cheap. 😉👍

madzilla tattoo
“Worked a bit more on this Madzilla tattoo piece, much more to come hope you all like it so far.” – Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote

When it comes to finding a Tattoo Artist, take the time and find someone who’s style matches what you’re looking for. The more time and effort you put into your tattoo preperation, will result in a better tattoo, you have much more happier!

madzilla tattoo
Follow Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote’s on Instagram and see more amazing tattoos!

Here is one of the first freshly healed photos, of Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote’s Madzilla Back Tattoo Masterpiece!

madzilla tattoo
“Good photo of this back piece totally healed, thinking about doing a painting of it, of course Madzilla as main reference for this design, go check her out if you aren’t already.” – Tattoo Artist Alberto Guantamlea
madzilla tattoo
“Today i was able to get a fully healed picture of this back piece we worked during the last few months, now starting with the arms” – Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote.

Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote tattoos out of Pier Siempre Tattoo Studio located in the Canary Islands, Spain.

madzilla tattoo
Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote, his tattoo client, and Sullen Clothing Co-Owner, Jeremy Hanna.
madzilla tattoo
Alberto Lanzarote’s has a solid team of Tattooers at Por Siempre Tattoo Studio, in Canary Islands, Spain.

madzilla tattoo

You can contact Tattooist Alberto Lanzaroteto Book an Appointment thru Por Siempre Tattoo Facebook & Instagram.

madzilla tattoo
Follow Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote on Instagram, Check out upcoming Tattoo Conventions Show Dates, that he will be traveling to, next year!

madzilla tattoo

What type of tattoo would you get from Tattoo Artist Alberto Lanzarote? Leave a comment below!

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