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Vampira ‘Goddess of The Dark’ Tattoo by Kat Von D

Before there was Elvira there was The Goddess of the Dark, Vampira!

Vampira’s an elegant, and sultry, Beauty of the Night, who had a walk that could stop traffic!

vampira tattoo
Check Out this Amazing Tribute Tattoo to Vampira by Tattoo Artist Kat Von D!

Vampira is a sexy, daring, subversive Monster, that transformed American culture! Nobody could turn off the TV’s, back in the 1950’s!

She walked screaming out of the white smoke, a black-clad Goddess of Death, She called herself Vampira!

What better way to do Vampira justice than have it done by one of the 1st Female Trailblazers of the tattoo industry, Kat Von D

Kat Von D started tattooing at the age of sixteen, worked her way through the ranks, and eventually got her own Tattoo Studio named High Voltage Tattoo in Los Angeles, California.

vampira tattoo
High Voltage Tattoo Studio is located at 1259 N La Brea Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90038

This led to her creating her own reality television series, “LA Ink” which recorded her day to day life in her Tattoo Shop, and helped spark the huge wave of Tattoo TV Shows, we see today!

vampira tattoo
Kat Von D also had a line of celebrities come through her doors that ranged from rock stars, to rap stars, actors/actresses, and most notably, other killer tattoo artists want to get tattooed by Kat Von D!

vampira tattoo
“Getting my forever muse tattooed on me by one of my raddest friends.🌹@thekatvond”@louisiannapurchase

This Vampira Tattoo done by Tattoo Artist Kat Von D, captures the dark beauty of this timeless goddess of horror. What better way to do her image justice than have it done by one of the first, Female Trailblazers of the Tattoo Industry.🔥

vampira tattoo
It’s Tattoo time at High Voltage Tattoo Studio ⚡️ with Tattoo Artist Kat Von D!

Tattoo Artist Kat Von D’s talents can be clearly seen in this black and grey, Vampira Tattoo, with her shading being on point, capturing that stern beautiful tattooing that she is famous for.

vampira tattoo
“Definitely wasn’t bummed to stare at this face for a few hours. Vampira Forever!” – Tattooist Kat Von D

This Vampira Black & Grey Portrait is a great tribute to the original Goddess of Darkness and Kat Von D gave her Life!

vampira tattoo
“Black/Grey Portrait of vampiraofficial” I tattooed on louisiannapurchase at highvoltagetat” – Kat Von D
vampira tattoo
Vampira was a woman who knew no fear from screaming to the top of her lungs as a form of relaxation to drinking poison as if it was an ordinary cocktail.

The only way to do her justice is to be brought to life by a tattoo artist who has no fear. She started from the bottom now she’s made it to the top and only she could be entrusted with creating this piece of art.

Check out this, finished Vampira Leg Tattoo by Tattoo Artist Kat Von D.

vampira tattoos
“Dear @louisiannapurchase, I can’t thank you enough for letting me tattoo you!” – Tattoo Artist Kat Von D

If you want to be tattooed by one of the greatest Female Tattoo Artists ever! You can book an appointment by going to High Voltage Tattoo’s website and find her under the artist tab. 

vampira tattoo
Follow High Voltage Tattoo Studio on their Instagram Page, they have many Amazing Tattoo Artists!
vampira tattoo
Who’s in the shop today?! Stop by and see for yourself! Open until 10pm. Thanks to @antofthesky for the photo of our mural by the stellar @belin_official
vampira tattoo
HighVoltageTat Rock n roll all day every day! Thanks @zoe_la_la for the sweet picture!

When an opening pops up, we highly recommend jumping on the website and filling out the contact form. Channel your inner god/goddess and let Kat Von D help to bring them out.

What Tattoo would you get by Kat Von D? Let us know, leave a comment below.



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