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Finished Tattoo Sleeve by Joe Carpenter!

Tattoo Artist Joe Carpenter from Five Keys Tattoo Studio in Norwich, UK, is known for creating incredible tattoo sleeves.  We focused on one of his newest additions, a solid and bold skull tattoo sleeve that represents life and death.

tattoo sleeve
One of Tattoo Artist Joe Carpenter’s specialties are incredible tattoo sleeves.

Above is a fully healed photo of Tattooist Joe Alexander’s Sleeve Tattoo, which tools 14 hours, and 2 sessions, to create.  The Lion Hand Tattoo is a nice touch to complete this beautiful tattoo.

tattoo sleeve
Check out Joe Carpenter’s Instagram Page!

Tattoo Artist Joe Alexander is an expert in tattoo realism, combining many years of perfecting his technique and an excellent understanding of tattoo color theory.

Would you like a Tattoo by Tattoo Artist Joe Carpenter?  Leave a comment below!



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