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Epic Dragon Ball Z Tattoos will blow your mind!

Tattoo Lovers, are you a Fan of Japanese Anime? You don’t have to be to appreciate these Epic Dragon Ball Z Tattoos by very talented Tattoo Artists! Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime series ever created and here are the Top Dragon Ball Z Tattoos you will ever see!

Up first, is this Dragon Ball Z Leg Tattoo Sleeve by Black & Grey Tattoo Artist Carlos Fabra, out of Cosafina Tattoo & Piercing Shop in Barcelona, Spain. Tattooer Carlos Fabra’s black and grey tattooing is in a class by itself.

Dragon Ball Z Tattoo
Dragon Ball Z Leg Tattoo Sleeve by Tattoo Artist Carlos Fabra.
Dragon Ball Z Tattoo
Check out Carlos Fabra’s Instagram Page for more amazing tattoos!

Tattoo Artist Steve Butcher’s Dragon Ball Z Stomach Tattoo is EPIC, one of the best scenes from Dragon Ball Z! The Dragon Ball Z Tattoo took Steve Butcher 3 Days, and approximately 17 hours to complete, pretty impressive.

Dragon Ball Z Tattoo
Start of an amazing Dragon Ball Z Tattoo, Day 1 of 3.
Dragon Ball Z Tattoo
Day 2! One to go, wishing this client luck, he’s going to need it!
Dragon Ball Z Tattoo
Day 3, this tattoo client deserves a round of applause for toughness!
Dragon Ball Z Tattoo
Full tattoo photo of one of the greatest episodes in DBZ ever!

Tattoo Artist Gabriel Gonzalez’s Goku, Dragon Ball Z Tattoo is unreal. The design is off the hook and the placement couldn’t be better! Quality workmanship all the way! You can find Tattoo Artist Gabriel Gonzalez at Sacred Eye Tattoos, in South, Florida.

Dragon Ball Z Tattoo
Epic Dragon Ball Z Tattoo by Tattoo Artist Gabriel Gonzalez.

Tattoo Artist Ry Tattoomiester’s Dragon Ball Z Tattoo is another legendary piece, an awesome tribute to Japanese Anime! Ry tattoos in Melbourne, Australia.

Dragon Ball Z Tattoo
Start to an incredible Dragon Ball Z Tattoo Sleeve!

If you have always wanted a Dragon Ball Z Tattoo then Miguel Bohiques from may be the perfect tattoo artist for you. You will have to travel to Spain, and it would be so worth it.

Dragon Ball Z Tattoo
Black & Grey Dragon Ball Z Tattoo by Miguel Bohiques

Would you ever get a Dragon Ball Z Tattoo? Leave a comment below.



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