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Blackwork Tattooing by Kaelin Chee

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous butterfly blackwork tattoo, brought to life by Tattoo Artist Kaelin Chee!

Blackwork Tattoo
Healed Tattooing by Tattoo Artist Kaelin “Tai” Chee from The Tattoo Shop, in Brisbane, Australia.

Tattoo Artist Kaelin Chee has been tattooing for three years, specializing in blackwork, dotwork and geometrical tattooshapes. Blackwork is pushing lifework and dotwork to their extreme, with massive black tint, complex geometrical and symmetrical patterns. It focuses on the design, mostly ornamental, rather than the meaning or realism.

Blackwork Tattoo
“I am so excited to to finish my back piece! Kaelin Chee is an amazingly talented artist!” – Client Jackie

Dotwork is a tattoo process, in which the artist uses small dots to create different shapes. It’s a complex technique and requires the tattoo artist to be very patient and when the process is complete, it creates stunning visual effects. The shading benefits from this technique and makes the piece look three dimensional which worked well with this tattoo.

Tattoo Artist Kaelin Chee, tattoos out of The Tattoo Shop, in Burleigh Head, Australia.

What really gives this butterfly tattoo style is the different levels of shading, when it comes to the wings of the butterfly it’s lighter in the middle but grows darker, around the outside of the wings. Something that catches the eye is that this is more than just the butterfly, it’s actually two pieces combined into one.

Blackwork Tattoo
Kaelin Chee from The Tattoo Shop in Gold Coast, Australia is one of our favorite Tattoo Artist to watch!

This blackwork tattoo is fierce with the multiple shapes creating mandalas giving it a nice religious/spiritual feeling, and with the combination of these shapes, they create a second butterfly. These two butterflies are different, but at the same time, they still capture the real beauty. The first butterfly is elegant and the second butterfly is fierce which symbolizes the canvas perfectly.

Blackwork Tattoo
Tattoo Artist Kaelin Chee has creative an amazing piece of tattoo art!

You can see how realistic the butterfly blackwork tattoo looks and how the additional geometric shapes give off a chandelier ambiance. The tattooing above the butterfly completes the chandelier look and adds some flora to the magic of the piece and it even goes up to the side of her face which adds a nice touch.

The full butterfly blackwork tattoo process took quite a while especially since the two pieces were done separately. That’s a long time to be still but honestly it’s well worth it for an amazing tattoo like this.

Blackwork Tattoo
You can see the quality workmanship in this back tattooing by Tattoo Artist Kaelin Chee.

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