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Stunning Tiger Tattoos by Dmitriy Samohin

Tigers are considered the King of All Beasts representing powerful strength and beauty. Tattoo Artist Dmitriy Samohin from Odessa, Ukraine, has create stunning Tiger Tattoos that embrace the symbolic meaning of Tigers.

tiger tattoo
Tattoo Artist Jason Bird trusted Dmitriy Samohin to create this amazing full back, tiger tattoo!

Tigers are the largest cat, in their species, and they’re recognizable by their Red-Orange Fur, Dark Stripes and Sharp Teeth! Perfect for Tattoos, it’s no shocker that “Tiger Tattoos” are, one of the most requested Tattoos by Tattoo Lovers! Tigers are classified in the genus Panthera species with the leopard, lion, jaguar, and snow leopard, all very great ideas for Tattoos too!

Tattoo Artist Dmitriy Samohin‘s most recent Tiger Tattoo was created this week, featured below. This Realistic Tiger Tattoo, is located on the clients’ thigh, has many colors and took incredible workmanship to get this fierce look.

tiger tattoo
4 Tattoo Sessions in 24 hours of Tattooing (75% Healed) by Tattoo Artist Dmitriy Samohin!

Did You Know: Dreaming about the tiger indicates that you will encounter difficult obstacles. 

tiger tattoo
Tattoo Artist Dmitriy Samohin may have a long waiting list, but as you can see, it’s worth the wait.

Tiger Tattoos have many meanings such as beauty, pride, passion, and power. Tiger Tattoos are well represented in Japanese Tattooing, representing, strength and courage. It’s believed, that Tigers controls wind and are protectors from back luck, bad spirits and illness.

tiger tattoo
In-progress Tiger Tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin, only 1 tattoo session to go!
Tiger Tattoo
Check out this Fully Healed Tiger Tattoo by Tattoo Artist Dmitriy Samohin!

The Tiger Tattoo (featured below) by Dmitriy Samohin, is on the Full Back of fellow Tattoo Artist Jason Bird, done in 8 Tattoo Sessions with Ink Tattoo Machines and Kwadron Needles.

tiger tattoo
Check out Tattoo Artist Dmitriy Samohin’s Instagram Page for more amazing tattoos!
tiger tattoo
Dmitriy Samohin’s Tiger Tattoo Portrait (below) is over 2 years old, this is incredible tattoo work!

You can contact Dmitriy by emailing him at dmitriysamohin at ukr.net and book an appointment today.

Would you like a Tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin? What would you get? Let us know below.



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