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Tattoo Artist Paula Moraes is more than just a pretty face!

Brazilian Tattoo Artist Paula Moraes Paula Moraes is more than just a beautiful face, she is an incredible Tattoo Model, Mother, Suicide Girl that happens to be a Tattooist.  We welcome Paula to our Tattoo Lovers Community.

Tattoo Artist Paula Moraes
Beautiful Photo of Brazilian Tattoo Artist and Model Paula Moraes.

Tattoo Artist Paula Moraes is mastering many styles of tattooing including black tattoo work, dot work, fine line tattooing, sacred geometry, and her own custom designed tattoos.  Her recent tattoos include: hand tattoos, blackwork tattoos, lifework tattoos, sacred geometry tattoos, sketch art tattoos, mehndi tattoos, mandala tattoos, and especially, her lace tattoos and bracelet tattoos. One of our favorite Mandala Tattoos by Tattooer Paula Moraes.

paula moraes tattoos
Tattooist Paula Moraes working on a Mandala Tattoo.

Tattooist Paula Moraes tattoos out of Trafficanti d’Arte in Milano, Italy.

tattoo artist paula morass
Quality workmanship at it’s best by Tattoo Paula Moraes.

Paula Mores’s tattoo client (below), is very happy and pleased to show off her amazing mandala tattoo, and it’s one of the best chest pieces we have seen.

paula moraes tattoo
Paula Mores’s client is happy to show off her new mandala tattoo!

Would you like to get tattooed by Tattoo Artist Paula Moraes? Leave a comment below.



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