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Top Snake Tattoo Designs

snake tattoo ideas

Snake Tattoos Popularity

Are you thinking about getting a snake tattoo but have no idea what to get? Did you know that there are over 3000 species of snakes? That means there are a ton of possibilities for you. The first thing you need to decide is if you are going with a black and white or color tattoo. As you will see below both are popular and if done right can look great. After that you can decide if you are going to go with just a snake or combine it with something else. Snake with swords and flowers are a couple of the more popular ones.

Snakes play a big part in Greek mythology and a lot of those make their way into tattoos. Snakes were considered immortal and therefor were very popular. Medusa is one of the most famous Greek monsters, Gorgons, which is why she is portrayed in many snake tattoos. It is alleged that whomever looked at her, their face turned to stone. She was considered very powerful and that is why women get tattoos of her. To our knowledge nobody has ever had their face turn to stone for looking at a Medusa tattoo. If you ever hear of this happening please let us know.

Snake Tattoo Ideas

If you love lions and you think any of the meanings above suit your personality, then this is a list of the best tattoos we’ve seen as submitted by the Tattoo Lovers community:

Devon Hinkle

Jaqueline Bastida

Alex Úlfhéðinn

Hayley Khourey

Francis Jeno

Alexis DeNino

Iwanowa Gergana

يوليا يوليا

Sharona Rwd

Amanda Cole

Jimmy Houde-Grenier

Matthew Gaunt

Matthew Ashby

Yoni Hopmans

Tommy Brantner

Mélissa Landry

Harry Lewin

Jo-Ann Butcher

Alan Pollàri

Luna Dal Mas

Abbie Louise Williams

Mark Guertin

Kevin Craig

Natalie Allen

Maxine Clay

Angela Padula

Scott Hall

Madison Jamack

Juan Carlos Guevara

Ron Jones

Jess Burbridge

Darren Haynes

Karie Anne

Joe Bentley

Destiny Graf

Nathan Thurlbourn

Chris van den Boogaard

Chris Scottnot Adams

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