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Top Lion Tattoo Designs

Popularity Of Lion Tattoos

Lion tattoos are some of the most popular designs in the world. They appeal to both men and women. Lions are known for their great strength, devotion and kindness.

They are considered by most to be at the top of the animal kingdom. Those are just a few reasons why they are so popular. Another big reason there are so many lion tattoos is because of the movie The Lion King. Mufasa and Simba are both beloved characters that often show up in tattoos.

Lion tattoos can vary in size which allow them to fit on pretty much any part of the body. They can just as easy fill up an entire back or be used for a hand tattoo. Below you will see one on pretty much every part of the body. This can give you an idea of where it would look best on you. Lion tattoos are popular everywhere around the world as well. You will see tattoos from many different countries below since the Tattoo Lover community is global.

Lion Tattoo Ideas

If you love lions and you think any of the meanings above suit your personality, then this is a list of the best tattoos we’ve seen as submitted by the Tattoo Lovers community:

Vanessa Abal

Jamie Lawson

Lucy Dolinská

Babs Melotte

Michaella Minarovič

Victor Raya (matching couple lion tattoos)

Joseph Stockwell

Dave Dean

Roden Cruz

Diego Diaz

Dees Wolf

Peter Walker

Michael Graham

Kristian Stoychev

Mike Frumento

Shane Walker

Damian Niewinski

Blake Leonard

Ellie Saurus

Luke White

Jolanda Bloem

Dedy Susastra

Mike Gorissen

Christopher Hayward

Metka Kaliman Bolhar

Kevin Hase (couples tattoo)

Guillaume Grégoire

Uwe Marchand

Tim Mastbroek

Toni Finney

If you love lion tattoos you have to check out these pieces by Alec Turner HEREHEREHERE. They are some of the best lion tattoos we have ever seen.

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