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Top Tiger Tatttos Designs

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By now most of the world has seen Tiger King on Netflix. While it was wild, crazy and definitely entertaining the one thing it really shows is how many people love Tigers.
They don’t only are beautiful, mystic and exuberant. Tigers have been associated in many cultures and in recent times as a sign of power, confidence, strength and the king of the animal kingdom. On the flip side, they are also used to express vengeance, punishment or ever a sense of a free spirit or independence. Again, there are many concepts and meanings of a tiger tattoo. However, all comes to your preferences, emotions and your background. These tattoos might be powerful to your motivation and your desire to express yourself the way you like, but choosing a design amongst hundreds of possible designs is tough. Tiger tattoos are some of the most popular in the world. We have gathered the best designs and tattoos we could find from our Facebook community in order to help your decision-making process and choose the right tattoo.

Before getting into the list, we considered a good idea to put some meanings and facts behind the popular Tiger that has been around our cultures for centuries. These marvelous animals have been fascinating, respected and revered for tribes and societies from thousands of years back.

  • It’s the most famous animal in the world. Almost everyone votes this animal as the most beautiful and striking they’ve seen.
  • They live without inhibitions and they are free to do whatever they want to do.
  • These animals are lethal, the kings of the jungle, probably the most dangerous living thing you can encounter.
  • At the same time, tigers and felines overall are sexy and sensual, but untamable.
  • People with a heart of tiger are believed to be the best lovers due to their passion and fiery attitude.

Tiger Tattoo Ideas

If you love tigers and you think any of the meanings above suit your personality, then this is a list of the best tattoos we’ve seen as submitted by the Tattoo Lovers community:

ChrisSadie Huff

Matty Kearnes

Loic de Carvalho

Madison Stephenson

Chris Graham

Bartosz Krawczyński

David Jonathan Parry

Sophia Tönnißen

Tyler Joseph Peard

Christie Jennifer Connors

Abbie Louise Williams

Monika Nikitowicz

Horváth Gabriella

Sandy Hilt

Kyle Edwards

Steve Carter

Darwin Mendez

Arron Drew

Shane Bear DuBose

Sophia Vandenbussche

С. Николова

Stevie Baird

Aron Grupstra

Janusz Urbanik

Plamen Goranov

Tom Maltais

Jenny Horst

Ma Ni

Prinsipe Jay

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