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Canadian Man Reveals Why He Tattooed Himself Blue

Blue man tattoo

Man Tattoos Himself All Blue

Donnie Snider (@trism_driver) is a Canadian jewelry maker that has decided to tattoo his entire body blue which makes him look like a Smurf. No he is not a member of Blue Man Group. He is in fact a hard working jewelry maker which he wanted everyone to know. The NY Post caught up with him to see why he did it. Turns out it wasn’t all that deep “To be honest, I just like the look of it,” Donnie said, “I thought it would be neat.” Good enough for us as in fact it does make him look neat. He started the process in 2017 and is mostly covered by now.

How People React To A Blue Man

If you are wondering about the obvious question, you aren’t the only one. “Questions from strangers about my genitals have increased by, like, 10,000 percent,” Snider joked but apparently never answering the question. He said that people respond to him in mostly a positive manner, but sure not everyone. Some bold gawkers even go so far as tugging at his clothing “to peek underneath,” or “licking their thumbs and trying to rub the tattoo off.” He said his friends and family were all supportive except for one. “Mum was definitely annoyed at first,” he said. “But she quickly accepted blue skin as the new normal.” Well that’s good to hear.

If you want to read more of what it’s like being blue check out the rest of the interview https://nypost.com/2020/03/10/miserable-man-tattoos-entire-body-blue-to-feel-confident/

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