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Tattoo Lovers Shop | Tattoo Community since 2009

Shane O'neill winner of ink masters with tattoo lovers page
Shane O’Neill, 1st Winner of Ink Masters

Tattoo Lovers Shop, was founded out of the love and appreciation for tattoos. In the mid-90’s, there was massive tattoo progression and innovations experience from tattoo machines to tattoo television shows. Tattoo Magazines weren’t coming out fast enough to feed the appetite of tattoo fans, tattoo artists and tattoo collectors wanting to see fresh tattoo content, everyday! We felt Facebook was the best platform to offer amazing tattoo content and build a tattoo community around it.

In 2009, there were only a few ways to see tattoos; Tattoo Magazines, Tattoo Conventions, Tattoo Studios, and Tattoo TV Shows. Tattoo Magazines, were out of date, hard to find, and usually focused on sexy girls, not quality tattoos. Tattoo Conventions were limited and you had very little time to find an available tattoo artist who had a spot, and then even shorter time to look the their tattoo portfolio photo album, which was also, was usually outdated. The Tattoo TV Shows Miami Ink & LA INK, did touch slightly on the tattooing craft, but in the end, focused more on what was good for ratings, at the time.  Google Images, usually were poor photos, and there was still a bit of a taboo when entering Tattoo Studios/Shops, as a new customer.

If you look back then at tattoos, and compare the tattoo quality of today, there has been huge improvements to the type of tattoos that tattoo artists are creating”. Photo Realism, Color, Black & Grey Portraits, Color Tattoos without black lines, and so on, have advanced so much by Tattoo Artists sharing and pushing each other to new creative heights. We wanted to come up with a solution and offer, high quality tattooing by the best tattoo artists in the world, and Tattoo Lovers Shop was created.

tattoo lovers shop
Tattoo Artist, Roman Abrego with Tattooed Model Kaytee Mansfield at the Tattoo Lovers Shop Booth from The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth 2012.

As the community grew so did the relationships with Tattoo Artists and our Fans. Tattoo Lovers Shop began traveling to tattoo conventions, tattoo industry events, and the best tattoo studios and tattoo shops in the world to curate the best tattoo work and find the most progressive and undiscovered tattoo artists on the fringe of the tattoo industry.

The trend in tattoo progression has continued and today tattoo artists in remote corners of the world have the ability to be seen and share with other artists to push each other’s skills to the next level. This is where Tattoo Lovers Shop loves to live, within the intersection of tattoo artists improving their skills, sharing their work, and corresponding with their fans all over the world.

With our growing 14 million Facebook Fans and 450k+ Instagram followers, Tattoo Lovers Shop continues to be a global platform of tattoo related content, artistic expression, and community of members committed to their enduring love for tattoos.

Our website, TattooLoversShop.com is our online footprint where we serve as a virtual tattoo experience and archive the best of the best tattoo work we’ve shared over the years as well as the latest in industry trends and news related to the world of tattoos.

We hope you enjoy the tattoo content on our website where you can enjoy the latest in tattoos, tattoo artists, tattoo conventions, tattoo news, tattoo fashion, and tattoo products.

Feel free to reach out to us here to share your tattoos or work, give us feedback, and don’t forget to join our tattoo community on Facebook Fan Page and Instagram.

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